Guild Mission

Guild Mission

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Guild Mission"Ravnica Allegiance"

Entry fee \500


Pay entry feeand recieve a RNA pack at Guild Mission booth.

Open the pack and check (non-foil)guildgate. Your guild is that gate's guild.You recieve your guild pin button badge.

Achieve missiosns to lead your guild's victory!


Guild prize

The winning guild member will receive below:

・2 "Ravnica Allegiance" packs

・1 GP promo land


Guildmage prize

If you achieve missions1-10 ,you can draw guild lots.


Guid lots contents

→"Ravnica Allegiance" guilds badges

→Guild Mission Special T-shirt

→GP promo basic lands

→"Ravnica Allegiance" booster box

→"Ravnica Allegiance" booster pack


Guildmaster prize

If you achieve all normal missions and your guild individual mission and answer our questionnaires,you recieve Guildpact badge.(only 100/day)

GUild mission using Twitter. Please use your account.


Hashtag「#MTGKyoto」&「#GUILDMISSION」& Hashtag of each guild

Hashtag of each guild

The Azorius Senate「#Azorius
The Gruul Clans「#Gruul
The Orzhov Syndicate「#Orzhov
The Cult of Rakdos「#Rakdos
The Simic Combine「#Simic
Information on guild mission can be viewed on the Guild Mission Official Twitter(@GuildMission)
Guild Mission Tweet Sample

※ The image is the tweet of Guild Mission of Grand Prix Shizuoka 2018 last time.


Mission time

Registration will close 1 hour prior to these time.

Counting mission tweets will close 30 minutes prior to these time.

You can recieve prize until after 2hours these time.

3/22(Fri) 12:00-18:00

3/23(Sat) 9:00-18:00

3/24(Sun) 9:00-17:00



Mission 1 [into the guild]

Entry this event and follow [@GuildMission] account,then post your guild badge photo!


Mission 2 [Raise guild symbol]

Draw and post your guild's simbol!


Mission 3 [Cry the oath]

Post Movie that crying "Guild Mission!" at least 2 people.


Mission 4 [The Masterpiece]

Post godds signed by artists coming to MF Kyoto!


Mission 5 [Gulid summit]

Post a photo each 5 guild members!


Misson 6 [guilds feud]

Post a photo or video playing Magic with other Guild mission player!


Misson 7 [Biogenic mimicry]

Post a photo or video gesture of cards!

*Please write the cards name.


Mission 8 [Demand for Guildpakt]

Post your demands for Guild mission!


Mission 9 [Let's viewing Thespian's Stage!]

Post a photo stage evets in session!


Mission 10 [Ravnica market]

Post a photo what you got at the venue(Prize,cards at vendor booth,etc)!


Guild individual mission

Orzhov [Meeting of ghost councils]

Get into Orzhov Syndicate and post a ghost photo!


Gruul [Feast of the Clans]

Let's take a photo with the group of Gruul with your shoulders crossed!


Azorius [Censor the Guildgates]

Take a photo with Azorius Senate member in front of gate!


Simic [Biological fusion]

Let's take a photo on the theme of "fusion"!


Rakdos [Cirque du Rakdos]

Get on the stage and take a photo!


Please all mission tweet individually(not reply).

*When uploading photos to Twitter, consider making efforts such as devising or processing so that third parties unrelated are not reflected.


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