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Grand Prix Kyoto 2018 FAQ Page

Grand Prix is great large event.
So sometimes you do not know what to do.
We are happy if the FAQ will be of your help.

About registration to main event (Online / On venue)

Q.I want to sign my friend up for this event. Is that OK, and how can I do so?


Please try the following;

1.Please access the page of online registration form( create your tournament account for bigmagic.

2.Please enter team information (Team name, First name, Last name, DCI No and Country).

*We may contact you when we find a mistake in your entry, please check your mail box.

Q.I chose "the bank transfer" payment by mistake! I want to change payment to credit card payment.


You can change payment to credit card payment.

Q.I filled out information else incorrectly when I registered. What should I do?

A.No problem.

You can check your current team status and you can write this until March 20th .
Click to "Processing" or "Registration complete"

After March 20th, you can change "team information" on the venue on Saturday 8:00-8:30. Please come to main event judge station.

Q.How can I cancel?

A.Contact us.

*Please write your "registration number" , "name" and "DCI number"

We will receive to your mail and refund.

But be careful, the rate of refund will depend on the date you received your email.

100% refund, until March 14th

50% refund, March 15th-22nd

0% refund , After March 23rd

And the fee generated at the time of refund will be borne by the customer.

Q.Is on-site registration available?

A.We offer on-site registration on Friday at our Grand Prix events , but online registration is your best bet.

About Main event

Q.When will you collect to the decklist and weaver?

A.We are collected player meeting on Sat 9:00AM.

Judges distribute weaver, you must sign it.

Weaver; Under 18 years old players have to sign by their parent or guardian.

So please download and print this file.

Decklist; In the venue, we support to decklist at Information counter, cloak and judge station.

Q.When can I get Promo and Playmat?

A.Promo;《Mutavault》are distributed on player meeting on Sat 9:00 AM.

Playmat;The first 500 teams to register will receive a set of three exclusive playmats.

At cloak, you can receive them.

Q.If I register but can't attend players meeting on Saturday, can I still get the promo and playmats?

A.You can get promo and playmat when you came to the venue during Grandprix Kyoto2018. Please go over to the information counter.

But we can not ship promo and playmat to you.

Q.What's a name our team in main event?

A.Player A-Player B-Player C.

Q.I'd like to change team information(format, team member etc). What should I do?

A.All right.

You can check your current team status and you can write this until March 20th.

Click to "Processing" or "Registration complete"

After March 20th, you can change "team information" on the venue on Saturday 8:00-8:30. Please come to main event judge station.

Q.When will collect our team deck list? And where will get blank deck list?

A.In Saturday players meeting, we will distribute clear file.

So you put your team deck list and weaver in the clear file, and judges will collect team.

We prepare blank deck list on information desk, judge station and cloak.

Q.Please tell me about result entry slip with team format.

A.Teams that two players won first should write "1-0" on it.

Q.My team member will be tardiness, but I want to keep on. Is it possible?

A.Judge will decide. But in MTR8.2" Team Composition and Identification" If a player drops or is disqualified from the tournament, and the remainder of the team does not have sufficient members to continue, the entire team is dropped from the tournament. Please be careful for a long time late.

Q.I won prizes in the main event of one of your Grand Prix events. How will I receive my prizes?

A.Wizards of the Coast is responsible for all Grand Prix main event prizing. All prizes are paid through i-Payout. Learn more here:"

Prize Payment Announcement or log into your Wizards Account at to make sure your information is up to date.

About side event

You must need to have your DCI number for your registration on side event.

Please check it and create DCI number if you don't have.

Q.Can I participate in multiple tournaments?

A.No, you can't. You will be asked to withdraw from the tournament and choose only one.

About wizards account

Q.When I was registration, staff said "Please activate your DCI number to wizards account ". What should I do?

A.Do you have activation code with your DCI number?

If yes,please activate your DCI number.

If no, you should contact "customer support" about your activation code.

About Plains Walker Point

Q.What's the Plaineswalker Points multiplier for Grand Prix Kyoto?

A.Grand Prix Kyoto 2018 main event multiplier is 8x

The multiplier for Grand Prix Kyoto 2018 side events depend on the type of event.

・"Competitive" or "Regular" events are 3x.

・"Casual" event give players 1 lifetime point.

Q.Planeswalker Points are not yet added to my account (not added correctly).

A.We will report all results by next Sunday. If your points are not accurate even after one week, use the "Event Corrections Form" in Planeswalker Points page to file a claim with Wizards of the Coast.

About official vender area

Q.Do they buy cards/prizes?

A.According to Japanese law, NO dealer booth can buy products.

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