Guild Mission

Guild Mission

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In Grand Prix Shizuoka 2018,we have new event different than usual stage events for everyone who came to the venue!

This is enjoyable between the rounds,please join us!


Guild Mission Outline

Date 11/29-12/2 10:00-17:00 / Prize receive 18:00-20:00

Aggregation is done each day(if you want to next day,you need re-enter).
The winning guild member in each day will receive 2 GRN pacs and a GP promo-basic land.

You are a Planeswalker that visiting Ravnica. In Ravnica plane, various guilds fight for supremacy. Lead your guild to victory!


1.Pay entry fee(500 yen) and recieve a GRN 1pack to Guild Mission booth.
2.Open the pack and check guildgate. Your guild is that gate's guild(ignore foil)
3.Ragistrate below: Your DCI No. / Your name / Your guild
4. You recieve your guild pin button badge (first 200 players in each guild).
Clear the 10 quests,and lead your guild to victory all together!

Guild Mission Tweets that have not been reply to the tweets that the official account tweets and are not hashed tags are excluded from the point count. Quests that are taken by multiple people, please tweet each image with images.

Tweets and postings of each quest of GUILDMISSION should be made by 17:30 each day. Subsequent tweets and postings will not be eligible for guild point addition or personal prize quest clear.

Guild Mission Button Badges


Hashtag「#gpshizuoka」&「#GUILDMISSION」& Hashtag of each guild

Hashtag of each guild

House Dimir「#Dimir

The Selesnya Conclave「#Selesnya

The Izzet「#Izzet

The Golgari「#Golgari

Boros Legion「#Boros

Information on guild mission can be viewed on the Guild Mission Official Twitter(@GuildMission)
Guild Mission Tweet Sample



Quests:All quests can get points ato once per person.

Quest1 First step for adventure(1pt)

Lets registrate to guild! It's the beginning of adventure!


Quest2 Challenge to Sphinx(1pt)

We will give you a topic/image related to Magic on Twitter.
If you reply us an interesting comment or funny joke about it with Hashtag, you get 1 point.
(The staff will do the judgement)


Quest3 The trinity(1pt)

Take a picture yourself with two your guild member and post to Twitter!
*Each post needs three people.


Quest4 Hero's history(1pt)

Take a pictyre yourself with planeswalker arts in the venue and post to Twitter!


Quest5 Guild summit(1pts each guilds)

Take a picture 5 guilds member (Izzet,Golgari,Dimir,BOros,Selesnya) and post to Twitter!
*Each post needs five people.


Quest6 Indent the symbol(1pt)

Drawung your guild symbol and post to Twitter!(pen and paper lend at Guild Mission booth)


Quest7 Trial of Lazav, the Multifarious(1pt)

Take a picture gesture of cards and post to Twitter with that cards name!


Quest8 Get the art(1pt)

Get autograph from artists and post to Twitter!
*Please refrain from getting autographs by artists during breaks.


Quest9 Combat training(1pt)

Take a picture playing Magic with other Guild Mission participant and post to Twitter(it does not matter the format)!


Quest10 Raise the Trophy(1pt)

Take a your picture with GP Trophy and post to Twitter!
*Please do not touch the trophy.


Individual awards

Clear 8 quests in a day:GP T-shirt(first come, first served)
Clear all 10 quests in a day:Guilds of Ravnica 1BOX(by lottery)


*When uploading photos to Twitter, consider making efforts such as devising or processing so that third parties unrelated are not reflected.


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